Kaden’s first testimony

March 2nd, 2014 by D

Kaden bore his testimony in sacrament meeting for the first time today.  It was all his idea and he went up all by himself. My mom asked him if her wanted her to go with him and he replied, ”No, I’ll be fine.”  I think it all started because he wanted to tell our ward that he was thankful that he got to live here for awhile. He told me that he wanted to say that and I told him he could at the end of his testimony but that more importantly her needed to talk about what he believed. He decided to write his testimony down in his sketch book which he them took up with him.  He wrote, ”I belive Jesus lives. The church is a holy place. I belive that prophts existed and that exist. I am thankful that I got to live here for awhile.”  He asked when he could bear his testimony and as it was testimony time I told him anytime, he just need to go sit in the stand to wait his turn. He went up and sat by the bishop and drew in his sketchbook until it was his turn. He stood up and bore his testimony and then came back down to sit with us with a big grin on his face. He was clear and to the point and didn’t look a bit nervous.  He brought tears to my eyes.  My sweet boy. He sat down with us and promptly continued drawing his favorite new characters for his future video game fear hunters. 

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February 1st, 2014 by D

The last few months have been crazy. I started substitute teaching while Matt takes care of Silas and looks for his next contract job. It’s been a huge adjustment and so life has not been running as smoothly as before. I feel like I am always forgetting to do things. So I started another blog to help me keep track of goals and to post craft projects. I joined an awesome silhouette group on Facebook called Silhouette Challenge. I participated in their January challenge by making routine charts for my boys. I’m still working on implementing them regularly as we try to grasp my new working schedule and we were sick for the last two weeks too. We WILL make new habits this year to make our lives run more smoothly!!!
The address for that is: Work In Progress

Kaden is about to turn 8! He is soooooo excited. He keeps telling me that everyone should be thinking about what to buy him for his birthday. I keep telling him to think about what to get his friends for their birthdays instead. He has made the choice to be baptized even though he is really scared of going under the water. We will practice with him over the next few weeks. We are tentatively scheduling his baptism for March 8th. All are welcome to come and I will post more details as it gets closer. We attended an “It is great to be eight” fireside(presentation about baptism) recently. As Kaden listened them talk about how boys would be preparing to receive the priesthood and be in boy scouts and girls would be in activity days, he turned to us and asked,”Why don’t girls get the priesthood?” There was no time to discuss it with him there(it was in the middle of the presentation) so we just gave quick answers. I was impressed by how insightful he is and that he would ask that question. He continues to do well in school. He has an IEP because he is in the gifted program at his school and both of his teachers just gushed about how everyone loves him. They talked a lot about him making connections and having great critical thinking skills. He has improved enormously with his patience for others and with himself at school. He is keeping his emotions under control mostly at school and just letting loose for us at home. 🙂 He continues to be very creative and loves inventing his own bounty hunters, aliens, monsters, villains, foodimals, mythological creatures, and heroes. He loves Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy and believes strongly in their existence. This year some of his friends stopped believing but he continues to fight for Santa Claus. He asked me if he could read some nonfiction books on Santa Claus and I told him there aren’t any because Santa Claus is so good at hiding his existence. There are only rumours which lead to myths for Kaden to read. I have mixed feelings about the whole Santa Claus myth and keeping it up for my kids, but for him, I think it is best right now. He has enjoyed the Rise of the Guardian book series a lot.

Asher continues to run circles around the rest of us. He has so much energy and yet so much focus. He can play with legos and draw or color for hours but on Friday afternoons he has a hard time staying still long enough to follow directions at his gymnastics class. He is doing much better in Kindergarten than we thought he would(behavior wise I mean)and is learning quickly. He is starting to sound out words and can read most three letter words easily. He is quick with his math facts as well. His drawings continue to surprise and delight all who see them. He is full of imagination and has great comic timing. I got to substitute in his kindergarten class and he was great. It was fun to watch him at recess stomping around with friends and making tons of special effects noises. He knows how to get his energy out in those fifteen minute intervals. If we find the right motivator for Asher he can work quickly and efficiently. Sometimes it is not easy to find the right motivator. He still seems to respond best to immediate rewards and punishments. He gets way too many chances during the day…but he eventually does what he needs to do. He still believes in Santa Claus too. One of his friends told him that Santa was dead and Asher simply replied, “No, he’s not. He’s immortal.”

Silas is 3 and a half and likes to claim he is four. He knows all of his colors and is starting to recognize letters. Recently we went to the library. There was a big piece of paper on the wall for kids to write places they want to visit in the world. He wrote his name all by himself, sirls. All clearly looked like letters even if he didn’t get it quite right. We knew he could draw an s(he wrote the s for his name on all of our Christmas cards this year) but didn’t know he was that close to writing his own name by himself. He is obsessed with playing plants vs zombies right now. His favorite part of everyday is playing on the “blue tablet.” He loves to draw pictures of the plants and zombies too. He is quite the artist and it’s hard to choose which of his drawings to recycle and which to keep. He is now a sunbeam at church and no longer in nursery. He’s been going through a clingy stage recently and doesn’t want to leave us for preschool or church. Once he’s there though he’s fine and has a good time. He told me recently that I couldn’t go to work the next day because, “I want to hold you all day.” He is my snuggle bunny! He loves to be read to and especially loves Flat Stanley and Make Way for Ducklings. When he gets hurt or sad he will lift up his shirt to his brothers so they can give him a zerbit. This happens usually when Asher has made him cry and is apologizing to him. His brothers love to make him laugh again and happily blow raspberries on his tummy.

Love all my boys… We’ve had a pretty good start to the new year and are looking forward to lots of new adventures this year.

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Asher’s bash

November 23rd, 2013 by D

It finally happened. We had our first ER visit for one of our boys. As you can tell from the title Asher was the culprit. He and Kaden were chasing/racing around the house. They bumped into each other and Asher went head first into the edge of the counter. Upon seeing the blood, Asher worried that he would die. He was afraid of losing all his blood. I reassured him that he makes new blood all the time and that his Dad had cut himself the same way as a kid.The gash was deep and wide (I could see his skull) so we headed straight to the E.R. Matt was the only one with shoes on. I held Asher’s wound together and it had mostly stopped bleeding when we got to the E.R. I and the towel I had to his head were covered in blood. Matt told me to not clean the blood off of my glasses so they would get us in faster. It worked and they got us cleaned up quickly. As I talked with Asher while we waited he told me he could feel the new blood and he was feeling good. He also told me he loved this world and his family. Poor kid was still pretty worried. I told him this happens a lot and the doctors would take care of him. Matt and I switched places and I went to the waiting area with Silas and Kaden. Matt says Asher flipped out when the doctor said he needed staples. after the doctor put the staples in, Asher yelled at the doctor that he had been trying to kill him. It didn’t phase the doctor at all. Kaden and I heard the screaming in the waiting area and he looked at me worried and we hugged. Thankfully it didn’t last long and Asher was released with three staples in his forehead. We are thankful that it was the best case scenario of a scary moment. He didn’t hit anywhere sensitive and he didn’t have a concussion. He was very lucid the while time and mostly calm. He’s loved wearing his ninja bandage all well and tomorrow we will take the staples out. He also has not refrained from running or jumping off all of the furniture.

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Heard around the house

November 10th, 2013 by D

We were talking about christmas at the dinner table. Asher said he hoped that he heard Santa Claus so that he could come out and give him a hug. 🙂

Kaden likes to play question games. He loves to be quizzed about star wars trivia. And he loves to introduce the Wheeler Game show and ask everyone questions at the table. Often he asks, ” What nice thing did you do for someone today?” We get silly questions too. It’s a fun new tradition. Often Kaden refuses to tell us anything about his day until the dinner table and then he will answer any question we ask. Today, not at dinner but just because he likes it, I was asking him questions. He told me he would answer yes to every question. I promptly asked him to clean the toilet. He switched all of his answers to no. I asked him if I should buy him a car when he turns sixteen. He switched his answers to undetermined until he heard the question. 🙂 I asked him if he had a girlfriend. He answered,”no.” I asked if he wanted a girlfriend. ” He replied,”yes.” So I asked him who he wanted to be his girlfriend. Kaden couldn’t think of anyone in particular but he replied, ”someone pretty!” I laughed and asked if there was anything else he was looking for in a girlfriend. He replied, ”Someone young!” I laughed even harder and made him a bit worried he had said something wrong. I reassured him that his answers were natural. I asked him if she would be smart and he agreed and said that she would be super smart especially at math(which is an area of study he struggles with a little bit). Phew, he’s not just looking for pretty and young. We also discussed that he doesn’t need to worry about having a girlfriend for years yet. He boos and gags at any romance in movies right now so I’m not too worried.  Earlier we were watching Despicable Me 2, and he decided he liked the middle age girl the best because she thought romance was disgusting and she likes ninjas like him.  I think he’ll pick a great girl someday.

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quick catch up on Asher

September 15th, 2013 by D

I really need to be better about recording stories. I was just looking back to the books I made fro 2008 and 2009 and there are some really awesome stories in there. Things I don’t remember happening anymore. 🙁 So anyway… enough with the guilt trip… stories…

Asher turned 5 in April. We went to Aunt Tara and Uncle Jess’ house and celebrated with them and Grandma Wheeler. We are so excited that they are only 6 hours away and hope to make more visits with them. It is so much fun to get the cousins together. Asher woke up the day after his birthday and asked why he wasn’t as big(tall) as his friend Wesley. He told us he wasn’t really 5 and that we needed to have his birthday again. I think he thought that since we didn’t have his birthday at home he missed out on magically growing taller overnight. For a few days he refused to say he was five. Asher is our powerhouse active little guy. Most of the time being smaller doesn’t seem to bother him but I guess something about the age five milestone made him sad to not be bigger. At the end of April we registered him for Kindergarten in the fall. We worry about his excessive energy and lack of focus on things that aren’t his idea (he has plenty of focus on what he wants to do.) We are proud of him for not being a follower and for his creativity. He loves to build with legos and to draw. He still has a hard time listening in Gymnastics but he is improving in his skills. This can be bad as Matt discovered him doing flips on his bed recently. He now knows that flips are for trampolines and bounce houses and not for beds. That’s realistic, right?

We had a great summer, painting, playing, and a road trip to Utah for the Wheeler Family reunion. Asher is incredibly social. He made great friends with all of the family at the reunion and with the friends we visited with afterwards. There are pictures of him hanging out with people at the reunion that make me realize how little I kept my eye on him. People told me several stories about their conversations with him too. He and his cousins had a great time inventing games and quests and played really well together. I wish we lived closer to family. We stayed with our friends, April and Chuck, after the reunion. They have three daughters ages 9, 7, and 5. The 9 year old played with Kaden. The 7 year old with Asher and the 5 year old with Silas. They all seemed pretty happy with this except occasionally the 5 year old, which is understandable since Silas is still quite young. The night before we left I was talking with them about leaving. Asher said that he wished we didn’t have to leave our cousins. I told him they weren’t his cousins, they were friends, so he could marry them. There was quite an uproar from the kids on this. And they asked who would want to marry Asher. The 7 year old quickly piped up, “I would! I would marry Asher!” He’s a charmer. The summer went way too fast!
And now Asher is in Kindergarten. He’s already trying to get out of his homework and tells me he already knows his letters and numbers so he shouldn’t have to practice writing them. He doesn’t know them yet but he’s getting there. He can write his name and he has started asking how to spell things so that he can write things on his drawings. We haven’t gotten a note home from his teacher yet so we assume things are going well. I will start volunteering in his class this week. The one time I got a peek at the behavior chart he was one step above getting a note home so he still has some maturing to do. He wasn’t the only one down there which would suggest it is a normal adjustment to school. When we first met his teacher she asked Asher to draw a self portrait. He drew himself dressed all in black and holding a knife with blood on it. When the teacher asked him about it he said it was a play knife with play blood. At least that is some kind of distinction… right? He is often drawing warriors, aliens, robots, ninjas. Matt says it’s just part of being a boy. I’m fine with it as long as he is also learning right from wrong and good from evil. Those lessons are heavily embedded in the stories he is learning from too. We have talked with him about not drawing weapons at school because we don’t want him getting into trouble. Thankfully his teacher also saw him playing with his younger brother during our first visit. Asher plays well with both of his brothers and his teacher commented on that. So his sweet spirit showed too. 🙂 He really is a sweet and loving boy. he looks out for younger kids and fiercely defends himself and others. He is not a follower and is comfortable playing by himself or with others. He is very expressive and not shy at all. It seems like Asher is always moving and doing something. He makes us smile and laugh all of the time. We are working on having him be more reverent with family prayer at night. The three things that have worked are- telling him to go into prayer mode while he pretends he is a robot, having Silas follow his example, and letting him pick out a sticker. I really need to start a sticker chart for him because that seems the best motivator for him. He tends to wake up at 4 am to use the bathroom and then he will often climb in bed with us. If we bribe him with a sticker he will go back to his own bed instead. It’s totally worth it.
We love our rambunctious, spirited, Asher. He stomps around the house as Godzilla knocking one empty box around or sings while putting together his legos. He brings vibrance, energy and fun into our home. You are Awesome Asher!

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Just a quick post

September 8th, 2013 by D

I know I need to catch up but… I’ll do that later. Here’s a quick story to tide you over.

Silas is potty training. He gets jelly beans whenever he successfully uses the toilet. He’s almost done training really. We just have to start trusting him. But anyway. He was asking me for jelly beans after his most recent success on the toilet. He told me, “I get two, right? Just two?” I handed him two jelly beans and he yells at me, “NO! This two!” I look down at him and he is holding up his two hands with all five fingers extended on each hand. He meant ten!

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Silly boys

March 29th, 2013 by D

I had a nightmare that zombies attacked and I had to fight them off while trying to get my boys inside the house.  Every time we go in the front yard the boys run down the street and it’s a pain to get them back inside.  I was telling my friend about this dream as she was leaving and I was once again trying to round up all of my boys.  Kaden overheard me and asked what happened in the dream. I assured him that I had beat the zombies off quite successfully. He asked me where Dada was in the dream. I told him that he was helping me beat up the zombies.  Kaden replied while flexing his muscles, ”I’m glad you had a man!” 

Silas was sitting in matt’s lap and he tooted. Matt asked him what he should say, meaning excuse me, of course. Silas replied, ”thank you.”



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Kaden is 7 and his mid term review

March 5th, 2013 by D

Kaden was such a Joy on his birthday. He was so excited for it. Moms of his classmates know when it is because he was so excited. It was such a wonderful excited and not a selfish excited. Which is hard to do when it is your birthday but Kaden manages it somehow.  He loved his presents – legos and books. He’s also getting a bike but he will pick that out so he only had a photo of one at this point.

Kaden is a bright and wonderful guy. Usually he is enthusiastic and happy. He knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to ask for it. He has an extremely active imagination and seems to play well with others. He does like to be in control. He likes everything to be fair. He is an amazing reader. He still wants to read books with some pictures in them. We’ve found some fun chapter books that incorporate some pictures like the stink series, time warp trio, and captain underpants. We got him a star wars book without pictures to encourage him to read a book without pictures. He loves art and legos. He got the bounty hunter assault gunship legos for his birthday. This was his favorite present. He loves bounty hunters from star wars.  But he doesn’t emulate the bounty hunters. He likes to be nice to people. As we were walking to parent teacher conference we ran into a lady at his school who does bus duty. She spotted us and smiled at Kaden and asked us if we knew what Kaden said to her each day. Every day as kaden gets on the bus he makes sure to tell her, ”Have a good day after school!” He insists on telling her everyday and she told him it makes her day. As we walked away, Kaden told us he likes to be nice to people. Such a simple but sweet thing to do. His conference went skill. One of his teachers told us that he is on task and doesn’t rush but gets his work done quickly.  He’s progressing well academically and social emotionally.  He thinks he is going to marry a girl at school named Victoria. He’s had a crush on her since last year.  Kaden recently participated in his first science fair. He studied bugs. Specifically he studied a centipede, a vinegaroon, and a dragonfly. He read things we printed off of the internet for him and then he wrote out what he learned. I typed it up for him for his board display.  He did a great job and really seemed to enjoy it. He wants to be a scientist.  Our lives are definitely better having this sweet and wonderful boy in them.



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Kaden growing up

February 1st, 2013 by D

Kaden lost one of his front top teeth.  He showed me that it was wiggly. The first tooth he lost while eating pizza so we joked about eating pizza. Kaden took it seriously though. He wanted pizza on the menu plan fir this week. Since I wasn’t prepared to do that this week I told him to eat an apple. He liked that idea and started chomping away at one. At one point he asked me to help him. I asked him if he wanted me to pull out his tooth and he said, ”No!” He seemed surprised I would even suggest such a thing. He just wanted me to hold the apple while he took bites out of it. Ha! A few bites later (with him holding the apple) his tooth was out.

As Matt was putting Kaden to bed, Kaden told him that he (Matt) and I couldn’t watch any tv shows. He was convinced that everyone in the house had to be asleep before the tooth fairy would make an appearance. Matty convinced him to compromise and let us stay up to watch one show.

We awoke to wailing the next morning as the tooth fairy had not yet made an appearance at our house. Matt assured him that the tooth fairy has many houses to visit each night and was probably just running late.  Later I went in the room to encourage him to get dressed for school. He went to show me his tooth again existing to me that the tooth fairy hadn’t made it to or house yet. Instead, this time he found cash had replaced his tooth. Phew! The tooth fairy was extra generous too!! $2 and some change. We promptly put it in his spending/savings/tithing box. He’s saving up his spending money for a skylander giant.

Kaden wants to do a science project for the science fair.  I asked him what he would like to do for his project. He said that he would like to discover if Jack Frost is real. His logic is that he knows Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy are real (tangible evidence being presents and money received, of course) so Jack frost must be real too. Thank you Rise of the Guardians…a movie we haven’t even seen except fort the trailer.

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Silas appreciation

January 28th, 2013 by D

We went to Bricks & Mini figs on Saturday. It’s a local new and used lego store. Whenever we go we let the boys make a configure to bring home. I helped Silas build his and this was the sweet appreciation I received from him later that day.

Silas showed me his mini figure. I expressed how cool it was. Then he said. ” You builded it for me.” I replied, ”Yes, because I love you.” He said, ”Yeah.” Then he looked at me and said, ” You’re cute!” Quickly followed by ”I’m cute!” Along with a very cheesy grin.
Gotta love the cheese and the appreciation while it lasts! Silas is quick to reply, ” I love you too.” And frequently says thank you. Yesterday he told Matt,”Thank you for buckling me.” He was referring to Matt buckling his car seat.

Silas tests his boundaries more but he is much quicker to respond and obey than his brothers. He will occasionally tell me no but if I threaten time out or start counting he will do what I asked him to do in the first place without too much fuss. He is more of a follower than his brothers. This is both good and bad, of course, depending on the moment and which brother he is following.

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